Case study: cyclist suffers whiplash after car swerves in front of her

While travelling home from university, a 21-year-old woman was almost knocked from her bike in a near-miss vehicle accident and sustained a painful whiplash injury.

She was riding the two mile journey between the university and her home after attending hockey practice when the accident occurred.

It was a dark, autumn evening but she had bicycle lights attached both front and back and was wearing reflective strips on her bag and ankles.

The student was cycling in the specified bicycle lane when a car suddenly swerved straight into the lane in front of her. She was not travelling fast but she had no choice but to slam on the brakes and then drop her feet to the floor in order to stop herself from being thrown from the bike by the sudden force of her emergency stop. Her entire upper body was jerked forwards and backwards and within a matter of minutes she started to feel a deep, hot pain through her neck and shoulders.

Emotional and physical damage

A witness who was walking her dog had managed to catch the number plate of the driver who raced off after the near-miss. She went over to see if the girl was alright and, after seeing that she was in pain, asked if she would like her to call an ambulance.

The girl was taken to the accident and emergency department at the local hospital and was diagnosed with a minor whiplash injury and mild Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She was told to avoid strenuous activities and practice gentle exercises until her neck muscles and ligaments had rebuilt their strength and given some pain killers.

She was kept in overnight for observation and the lady that called the ambulance came in to visit. She informed the young woman that she had spoken to the police and gave her a piece of paper detailing the registration details of the car that was responsible for the accident as well as our phone number. The passer-by told the young woman how her husband had made a successful car accident claim through YouClaim and advised that she should make a claim for her injury.

Deciding to claim

A few days after the accident, we received a telephone call from the student. She told us what had happened and how she had sustained a painful injury that was distracting her from her studies and stopping her from taking part in the regional hockey championships. She also told us how she had been suffering nightmares about the accident and how she was now very fearful of riding her bike on the road.

We explained how our services could benefit her, without using complex, legal jargon. We told her that we would take on her claim on a no win no fee basis, which would mean that she'd be protected from paying any legal costs in the event her claim was not successful.

She accepted our terms and our team of specialists provided her with expert legal advice and talked her through each stage of the claim process. Before long, the driver of the car admitted liability for the accident and his insurance company made an offer of £2,600 to cover damages, which the young woman accepted.

Have you also been injured on the roads?

If you have suffered an injury on the roads - as a driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian - you may be entitled to claim if the accident was not your fault. One of our expert solicitors will be on hand throughout the whole process to ensure you get what you are entitled to.

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