Case Study: Whiplash After Collision

Every year we come to the aid of thousands of people who have been left injured through someone else's negligence, helping them to win compensation and get their lives back on track.

One of those who we helped was Mr Smith. This is his story.

Mr Smith's story

It was about half five on a Friday evening last summer and I was driving to pick up my wife from work. Everyone was rushing to get home for the weekend and the roads were really busy.

There was a traffic jam at a set of traffic lights and so I pulled up at the back of the queue waiting for the cars in front to move on.

Next thing I know there's an almighty smash, my car goes flying forward and I crack my head on the steering wheel. It turned out that someone behind me hadn't been looking where they were going and didn't brake for the traffic jam, smashing into the back of my car instead.

Anyway, the car accident happened so quickly and I was left sat there in my seat with a nasty cut on my forehead and a really painful neck. I was taken off to hospital and the nurses stitched up the cut and told me that the pain in the neck was fairly serious whiplash.

They put me in a collar, gave me some painkillers and discharged me with orders to stay off work and rest for two weeks to allow my whiplash to heal properly.

Reimbursing lost earnings

Now, I work for myself so two weeks with no income is a big problem; I was left well out of pocket and the thing that really got my goat was that none of it was my fault.

My other half mentioned making a claim against the driver that had hit me and so I went on the internet and looked into it. I came across YouClaim and they looked like they knew what they were talking about so I gave them a call.

I spoke to a lovely girl on the phone who explained all about making a claim.

The driver of the car that hit me accepted blame for the accident and all I had to do was go along to an appointment with a local doctor who confirmed my whiplash. YouClaim arranged that for me and not long after a cheque arrived in the post for nearly six and a half thousand pounds.

The compensation helped me plug the gap from the wages I missed out on, as well as recovering the cost of having my car repaired and some compensation for the pain and inconvenience that the whiplash had caused.

YouClaim made the whole thing really easy and took the hassle out of the situation; I'd definitely use them again if I had another car crash.

Have you also suffered whiplash?

If, like Mr Smith, you have been hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to claim compensation. Whether you have suffered whiplash, or another injury, you shouldn’t be left out of pocket whilst you recover. Damages can help to recover lost earnings or expenses, as well as hold accountable those responsible for your injuries.

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