Case Study: Motorcycle Courier Suffers Whiplash

A thirty-nine-year-old father of two from Chelmsford contacted us to make a claim after he was involved in a motorcycle accident and suffered whiplash.

While working as a motorcycle courier for a large national company, he was travelling along the M1. He was travelling in the inside lane when the driver of a white van moved over from the outside lane right in front of him. He did not see the motorcyclist and clipped the side of the bike as he moved across in front of him.

This sent the motorcycle spinning towards a grass verge. Miraculously, the motorcyclist did not lose his balance and the bike did not overturn - but the vehicle finally came to a sudden stand-still when it hit the side of the verge and the his body was thrown violently back and forth.

The driver of the van sped off as it was believed he had acknowledged neither the driver nor the accident. However, the driver of a car behind called the emergency services and assisted the motorcyclist to a safe part of the road where they could await their arrival.

By the time the ambulance arrived, the motorcyclist was complaining of severe neck and back pain. He also said that he was suffering from a blinding headache, that he felt dizzy and that his vision was blurred.

He was taken to hospital where doctors diagnosed him with a whiplash injury. As there was concern that the force of the accident and the weight of the motorcycle helmet may have caused him more damage, the patient underwent further tests, including an X-ray.

Doctors requested the man to stay in hospital under observation for two nights.

He was then sent home but remained off work for around three months as his damaged neck muscles could not take the strain of his motorcycle helmet. He also suffered ongoing neck pain and headaches which made it far too dangerous to ride.

How we helped

Our claim team took down the details of the type of accident he was involved in when the accident occurred, what happened during the accident and the type of personal injury that he had sustained.

They then told him that they could take his case on under the win no fee agreement, meaning that he wouldn't have to pay his personal injury solicitor's fees if his claim was unsuccessful.

A successful outcome

Our appointed panel solicitor got involved with the case and collated witness evidence from those who had seen the accident, sending this to the van driver's insurance company. Once they had this information and were aware that the motorist had been placed at the scene of the accident, they admitted responsibility for the accident on behalf of their insured driver.

As a result of our panel solicitor’s work, the motorcyclist was awarded £6,800 for his pain, distress and earnings that he lost as a result of the accident.

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