Case study: whiplash after supermarket car park accident

Our customer was just about to pull into a parking space at her local supermarket when another car drove into the side of hers at a speed of about 10 mph. As the impact occurred, her head was thrown away from the side the car had been hit from, then towards it.

She was shocked but at the time believed herself to be unhurt. She exchanged insurance details with the lady that had driven into her and thought that was the end of it.

Several hours later, she found that her neck was painful when she moved it and began suffering from a bad headache. After several days of discomfort, she visited her GP, who diagnosed a whiplash injury. She was advised to rest and take painkillers if necessary.

Her neck injury did not get better as quickly as she had hoped and she was prevented from playing golf with her friends for over three months. At this time, she decided that she wanted to make a compensation claim because of the effect the injury was having on her life.

How we helped

She came to YouClaim and was impressed with our friendly service and excellent track record, as well as the financial protection our service offered her in the event that her claim was not successful. 

One of our solicitors who specialises in whiplash cases agreed to take on her claim and started work on it straight away. She visited a medical expert three months after she first came to us so that he could produce a report showing the long-term effect. 

Our solicitors were able to negotiate an out-of-court settlement for £2,100 for the lady's injury, which she was delighted with. 

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