Case study: whiplash suffered in a taxi

On the morning of the crash, Danielle booked her taxi to the train station and double checked that she had packed everything. The kids were already at her mums so all she needed to do was sit and wait for the taxi driver to ring her doorbell. When it arrived she could hardly contain her excitement and the driver put her small suitcase in the boot.

With it being the summer holidays, the taxi driver told Danielle how he had been very busy all morning taking people to the train station. He was very chatty and just as he turned to her in a barrel of laughs talking about his previous customer he took his eyes off the road. Suddenly there was a sharp thud as he went into the back of the vehicle in front; because he hadn't been paying attention to the road, he failed to notice that the traffic had stopped for a set of lights.

Victim suffered severe whiplash

The force of the accident caused Danielle to be thrown forward and back again into her seat. She immediately felt a severe pain in her neck and when an ambulance arrived they made sure her neck was secured in a head restraint to limit the risk of further damage.

While in hospital, doctors concluded that Danielle had suffered a severe case of whiplash and said that she would have to take it easy for at least three months. As a single parent, the thought of being unable to work was very worrying for her and she was extremely concerned about where her income would come from.

Danielle got in touch with YouClaim to make a claim against the taxi company. We explained to Danielle that her solicitor would take care of every aspect of the claims process. All she would need to do is visit an independent medical expert who would be able to confirm her neck injury. 

After several months of her lawyer building the case, the taxi company accepted liability for the accident and awarded her the total sum of money that had been demanded. In total, Danielle received £6,700 including £3,500 compensation for her neck injury and £3,200 for loss of earnings.

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