Case study: whiplash after head on collision

Compensation: £3,200

Our customer was driving with his wife and five-year-old daughter on a single carriageway road near Macclesfield when they were involved in a car accident.

As he was approaching a corner he knew to be an accident blackspot, he slowed to around 30 mph. A van rounded the corner at speed and skidded, swerving onto the wrong side of the road while trying to regain control. Despite braking, our customer was unable to avoid the van and the two vehicles crashed head on.

Our customer did not think he had sustained any serious injuries at the time of the accident, while his wife and child were lucky to suffer only very minor bruising which did not need hospital attention.

However, the next day our customer woke up to an extremely painful neck and back. He visited his GP, who advised him that he probably had a whiplash injury and that it would most likely clear up within a few weeks. Unfortunately, this was not the case for our customer and over a period of a year and a half his symptoms continued to cause him pain and discomfort.

Although he had not initially intended to make a compensation claim against the van driver, he was not expecting his injury to take so long to heal. He called YouClaim and asked if we would be able to help him.

After finding out the details of his accident we confirmed that we would indeed be able to assist him in his whiplash injury claim. He was pleased to hear that he would not have to pay anything to us or anyone else, no matter what the outcome of his claim, and asked us to start work on his case.

Our solicitors were able to settle his case out of court and he was delighted with his award of £3,200 compensation. 

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