Case study: whiplash after rear end car accident

Compensation: £1,500

Our client decided to drive to Cardiff along the M4 in the evening because he was due to attend an early morning meeting the following morning. He was forced to slow to a crawl after coming upon a queue of traffic near the junction he needed to take.

Unfortunately, a van travelling behind him did not notice the queue until it was too late and did not brake in time. The van hit our client's car from behind at a speed of about 25 mph.

The victim's injuries

Although our client did not have any obvious injuries, he was taken to hospital for a check up and while he was there began to show the typical symptoms of a whiplash injury. He was signed off work for a week while he recovered.

In pain from his neck injury and annoyed at the time he would have to spend off work because he would lose any potential commission sales over that time, he decided to make a claim. He contacted YouClaim and told us what had happened.

We explained that one of our solicitors would take on his case on a no win, no fee basis, which he was pleased with and asked us to represent him.

Our client gave us the contact details of the van driver that had caused the accident and our solicitors started gathering evidence for his claim immediately. Initially, responsibility was denied by the van driver but a police report of the incident showed otherwise.

Six months after the accident, our client was delighted to find out that our solicitors had negotiated an out-of-court settlement for £1,500 on his behalf, bringing his case to a conclusion. 

Have you been in a similar accident that wasn’t your fault?

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