Case study: whiplash after rear end shunt

Compensation: £2,000

Mr Gray, a 34-year-old father of two, was driving to pick up his young sons from Saturday morning football training when he was hit from behind at a junction. The other vehicle had been travelling too fast and was unable to stop in time, causing a significant impact that sent Mr Gray's car skidding several yards forwards.

The force of the smash left him with a painful whiplash injury and he was forced to take a week off work from his job as a decorator. Despite being back at work, the neck injury still caused him some discomfort and it was nearly a month before the pain had disappeared completely.

He decided to seek compensation from the driver of the car that had hit him and contacted YouClaim to see if we could help. We most definitely could help and one of our solicitors who specialises in helping victims of car accidents took on the case.

The insurance company of the driver that had hit Mr Gray accepted liability for the car crash and the case was settled without having to go to court. Not long after the settlement was agreed, he received a cheque through the post for just under £2,000. Mr Gray was delighted with the settlement, and with YouClaim's efficient, friendly service.  

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