Pedestrian Accident Claims

If you have been injured in an accident as a pedestrian and it was not your fault, you are entitled to make a claim for compensation. We will appoint you a personal injury solicitor who specialises in road traffic accidents and who will talk you through each stage of the claims process in plain English, without using complex legal jargon.

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About pedestrian accident claims

We deal with many road accident claims every month, but when you think of the term ‘road accident’, you will likely picture a collision involving a car, van, lorry, bus or perhaps even a bicycle. But what about accidents involving other modes of transport which are ridden or driven both on the pavement and road?

As a pedestrian, you could be faced with any number of obstacles, from push-along scooters and skateboards to roller skates, roller blades and bikes. Many people travel on the pavement via these modes of transport because they want to avoid taking their chances with the traffic, they don’t know the rules or they want to take a short cut. However, they travel much faster than the average pedestrian and run the risk of knocking people over and causing injuries, including fractured and broken bones, cuts and bruises and head injuries.

Pedestrian accidents caused by mobility scooters

There are two types of scooter available:

  • Class 2 with a maximum speed of 4mph, which can be used on the pavement
  • Class 3 with a maximum speed of 8mph, which can be used on the road

Mobility scooters should only be used by people who suffer from some form of physical disability and are aged over the age of 14. If a mobility scooter is not properly maintained or taken for regular safety checks and is involved in an accident, the owner will be liable for your injuries. Likewise, if the owner has failed to register the scooter with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), not only will they have committed a criminal offence, but they will be at a disadvantage during any accident claims made against them.

Who is responsible?

There are certain measures in place that those who use transportation suitable for pavements must adhere to that ensures the safety of pedestrians. These include:

  • Using cycle paths and other specially provided areas where provided
  • Always wear a helmet and protective pads when cycling and skating
  • Make sure you are visible at all times - fluorescent during the day, reflective at night

If users fail to follow these safety rules and injure a pedestrian in an accident they caused, those injured are entitled to claim for compensation. If a product is defective or faulty and causes an accident, the manufacturer may be responsible for the injury and a product liability claim can be brought forward.

How YouClaim can help

Our solicitors understand how distressing and frustrating it is to be involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault. You may be left having to take time off work to recover, which can make it difficult to pay for any medical treatment or rehabilitation required. That’s where we come in - we will work hard to determine who is responsible for your injury and will help to recover compensation that can cover loss of earnings.

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