Case Study: Neck Injury in Taxi Crash

Sharon was looking forward to starting a new career in catering after she finished college and she was delighted when one of the best-known restaurants in her area offered her a position in their prestigious kitchen.

The 18-year-old had been working there for a several months and was hoping to get a promotion after impressing the bosses with her natural talent. However, in the week that she would have discovered the outcome, she was involved in a serious car accident as a passenger.

On the day of the crash, Sharon's car wouldn't start so she decided to call a taxi. On her way to work, the taxi stopped at a roundabout where there was a queue of traffic. All of a sudden there was a loud bang and a hard thud as a van drove into the back of the taxi.

Sharon and the taxi driver were both flung forward and back into their seats at impact. When the ambulance arrived at the scene of the crash, Sharon was taken by ambulance to hospital where she was given a neck brace for her neck injury. Thinking that she had escaped the accident with very little injuries, Sharon tried to return back to her normal life as soon as possible.

However, one month on and she was still suffering severe neck pain and stiffness, along with a lot of headaches, which was very unusual for her. Unable to work, she visited her doctor who confirmed that she had sustained a bad case of whiplash and that she would need to take several months off work to recover. In the meantime, where she had been forced to take time off work, she missed out on the promotion at work. Disgruntled and sat at home in pain, Sharon searched the internet for a solicitor. She came across YouClaim and after reading similar cases that they had been successful with she decided to give us a call.

A YouClaim advisor told her that she definitely had a case against the driver of the van and from that moment on we handled every aspect of the claims process. Sharon felt quite assured that the matter was being taken care of and the only thing she needed to do was visit an independent medical expert who would confirm her neck injury.

Several months down the line, Sharon's solicitor told her the good news that compensation from the driver's insurers had been secured. In total Sharon was awarded £6,700 which included £3,700 for her whiplash injury and £3,000 in loss of earnings.

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