Case study: bus passenger who was injured after being thrown from her seat 

Compensation: £5,694


Ms F was travelling on a bus from Hammersmith station in London when the driver carried out an emergency stop, throwing her to the ground. Ms F was badly injured and consequently unable to go to work. Ms F contacted YouClaim and we were able to secure her £5,694 in compensation.

The Accident:

Ms F was sitting on the seat nearest the front of a bus that was travelling out of Hammersmith bus station. The bus driver suddenly conducted an emergency stop just as the bus was pulling out of the station. The suddenness of this stop caused Ms F to be thrown to the ground.

The Claim:

At first, Ms F was only aware of injuries to the hand which she had landed on. However, it was soon apparent that Ms F’s injuries were fairly extensive and severe. The fall caused her to suffer from pain in her right shoulder, neck, chest and back. She also received a severe contusion to her chest wall and was left depressed and shaken in the months after the incident.

Ms F’s injuries meant that she was forced to make drastic changes to her life. She was unable to go to work and eventually her employers terminated her contract. Before the accident, Ms F had been a fairly active woman, often walking and cycling, but her injuries made this impossible. Ms F now had to get help from her daughter in everyday activities like cooking and drying her hair, and brought in a cleaner twice a week as she could not manage household chores. 

The Case:

The bus company admitted liability for the accident, so it was for Ms F’s lawyer to assess the extent of Ms F’s injuries in order to realise how much Ms F was owed in damages. Her lawer arranged for Ms F to see a medical expert who confirmed the client’s injuries, the worst of which, it was predicted, could take around 12 months to fully recover from. In addition to confirming Ms F’s injuries, the expert made recommendations for exercises that Ms F should take. The cost of travelling to and from medical appointments and these recommended activities, such as yoga and swimming, were also considered in the losses compiled by his lawyer. 

Settling the Case: Compensation

The bus company made an early offer of £5,000 damages to compensate for Ms F’s accident. However, we deemed this offer low and advised Ms F to turn it down. Heeding our advice, Ms F did turn the offer down and was later made a second offer of £7,000 (gross) by the bus company. After very careful consideration Ms F decided to accept this offer. The damages would help to cover her future and previous travel costs, the expense of paying her cleaner and the loss of earnings that had been a result of her accident. 


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