Case Study: Woman Suffers Whiplash in a Bus Accident

Our claim advisors received a phone call from a 26-year-old mother of two from East Sussex who suffered injuries in a bus accident.

She was travelling home from a day at Brighton seaside with her two children when the accident occurred. The bus driver was travelling through a village with fairly narrow roads and another motorist came up beside the bus and tried to overtake on a corner. The bus driver was forced to swerve, sending the bus careering into the side of a ditch.

The bus came to a sudden halt and threw all the passengers forwards. Some passengers sustained head and facial injuries when they either hit the window or the metal structure of the seat in front. However, the young mother and her two children were lucky to escape sustaining serious personal injuries.

After going to their local hospital to get checked out following the bus crash the woman was diagnosed with a mild whiplash injury but was told that it was likely that her whiplash symptoms would worsen within the next 48 hours. Quite shaken up yet relieved that her and her children were not badly hurt, she went home and decided that she would like to make a claim but she was not sure how to go about it.

She contacted our team and they explained our hassle-free, no win, no fee claim process to her. She decided that she was happy with what she'd read about our services on the YouClaim website and got in touch with us to request that we find a solicitor to represent her case.

It wasn't necessary for the case to go to court as the insurance company of the woman driving the car admitted full liability. Within a few months the young mother received a cheque for £1,800 to recompense her for the pain and suffering she had experienced, the cost of the painkillers that her doctor prescribed and the earnings that she had lost from her part-time job as a childminder.

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