Case study: whiplash after holiday coach crash

Compensation: £5,600


Mr T was on a skiing holiday with his wife and children when he and his wife were injured. On a daytrip to Yellowstone National Park that was organised by the tour operator, the coach that Mr T and his family were travelling on was involved in an accident. Mr and Mrs T suffered whiplash that ruined the remainder of their holiday. On their return they got in touch with us to make a claim and were subsequently awarded damages.


The claim

Mr T and his wife decided to go on a daytrip as part of their skiing holiday. They were picked up by a coach to take them to their destination. Unfortunately, the coach was involved in a collision that caused many passengers to be jerked back and forth, sustaining whiplash and head injuries. These injuries meant that Mr and Mrs T could not ski for the rest of their skiing holiday and lost much enjoyment of their time.

The case

It wasn't until the couple arrived back in England that they decided they would pursue a claim against their tour operators who organised the coach ride and trip to the Granite Hot Springs. Two weeks after the road accident occurred Mr T was still suffering from chronic neck and shoulder pain and found himself having to take extended leave from work.

One of our claim advisors explained the claims process to Mr and Mrs T and referred them to a solicitor who specialises in holiday accident claims. This solicitor provided our client with easy to follow legal advice and fought to get him the compensation he was entitled to for his whiplash claim.

The claim was settled with an offer of £5,600 to compensate Mr T and his family for the pain and suffering that they experienced, including the loss of enjoyment that was a direct result of the accident.


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