Case Study - Multiple Injuries After Being Thrown off a Motorcycle Due to a Pothole

This case study is about a young woman who had been involved in a motorcycle accident in Cardiff.

She called YouClaim and told us how she had set out to make her way to Weston-Super-Mare to see her boyfriend when the accident occurred on a B-road just outside the Welsh capital. The 28-year-old freelance journalist said that she was riding leisurely along the road as it was wet and was getting dark when she rode over a pothole that she had not seen in the road. 

This made the bike's front wheel buckle and the back end of her bike was thrown outwards and skidded on the wet road. The bike toppled over to the left and was still travelling with the female rider trapped beneath its weight. As well as sustaining road burn to her right leg and shoulder, the young woman fractured her right wrist and suffered a painful neck injury.

There was no one else around on the deserted road but she managed to wiggle free from beneath the bike and reach into her pocket for her mobile phone which had a cracked screen but was luckily still working. She called for the emergency services and managed to dial her boyfriend's number and talk to him for a few seconds before she blacked out with the pain.

The 28-year-old woke up in a hospital bed with her neck in a soft collar, her wrist in a sling and her wounds dressed. Her mother and boyfriend had been contacted and they were sitting by her bedside when she came around.

Having been told by the doctors that the motorcyclist should suffer no long-lasting effects from her personal injuries but would have to take time off work as writing and travelling would both be out of the question for a while, her mother started to worry about her daughter's income.

Making a claim

When she was feeling well enough the young woman explained that the accident had occurred as a result of a pothole in the road, her mother said that she should definitely consider making a compensation claim against the local council.

After seeking legal advice the mother drove to where her daughter's accident had happened and took some photographs of the pothole in the road to use as evidence. The motorcyclist's boyfriend also did some research online to find a company that specialises in motorcycle claims and came across YouClaim.

We explained to the concerned young man that it sounded like his girlfriend had a good case and told him that if she chose to pursue her compensation claim through us we could secure her representation from one of the UK's best personal injury solicitors.

This encouraged the young woman to get in contact with us the next week when she was feeling a little stronger. She told us all about the circumstances surrounding the accident and explained that she needed compensation to cover her lost earnings as she works freelance and couldn't afford to outlay any expenses; we reassured her that she had come to the right place.

With the help of photographic evidence of the pothole and an independent expert's analysis of her personal injuries, the female biker's claim was successful and she was awarded an undisclosed sum to cover her pain, suffering, lost earnings, medical expenses, motorcycle repairs and damaged leathers

Have you also been injured in a pothole accident?

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Many motorcyclists are involved in road accidents that aren't their fault every year, whether they are run off the road by careless drivers, they slip on a spillage or are thrown from their bike by a pothole in the road. If someone else is responsible for your accident you should pursue your entitlement to compensation.

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