Case Study - Multiple Injuries After Motorcycle Is Hit by a Car at a Junction

Paul Kerry from Glasgow was involved in a serious motorcycle accident when he was driving his bike from London to Winchester.

It was a cold and rainy day and in a classic case of a car driver not seeing a motorcycle rider because their view was blocked by the windscreen pillars ("Sorry mate, I didn't see you"), he was hit by a car at a junction when the driver pulled out too early.

He was knocked from his bike and crushed underneath while the wheels were still spinning. Knocked unconscious, his neck and spine were badly damaged. Concerned passers-by telephoned the emergency services and an ambulance arrived at the scene of the road traffic accident within minutes.

Paul was taken to hospital were he stayed for four months. His head was luckily protected by his helmet but his back, nervous system and limbs were badly affected by the accident. He was told that he needed physiotherapy and emotional therapy to restore his mobility and recover from the serious personal injuries sustained in the accident.

After treatment, his limbs were still affected and he found it difficult to write and move normally. He had flashbacks and nightmares and his concentration and sleeping patterns were affected. He required further treatment over the course of the next year and eventually was able to recover full movement in his arms and legs.

Whilst on the road to recovery, Paul decided to make a claim against the car driver for the personal injuries he had suffered in the accident. He searched the internet and, discovering YouClaim, decided we were the people to help him.

On our panel of solicitors was a specialist in motorbike accidents and he pursued Paul's case, eventually winning him just over £20,000. 

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