Case Study - Motorcyclist Injured After Car Swerves Into His Lane

Many people who have been involved in road accidents have used YouClaim to successfully secure compensation and so could you, just as Mr Mathews was awarded damages for a motorbike accident. His story is below. 

Mr Mathews' story

"At the time of the accident I was working as a labourer for a property development company in Croydon. Living in Croydon myself, I felt confident driving my bike in the area and hadn't had too many encounters with dangerous drivers.

On the day of the accident I was travelling in morning traffic. It was busy on the roads as I approached a roundabout and I could see that there was a broken down car in the slow lane. As I got closer to the roundabout in the fast lane, a car suddenly cut into my lane without any indicating that they were going to do so.

I tried to brake but I crashed into the back of their vehicle; it was unavoidable. It all happened so quickly. My bike hit the car, skidded and took me with it causing me to break my left leg, severely bruise my ribs and dislocate my shoulder. I was rushed to hospital and stayed there for several days before being allowed home.

I was in a great deal of pain and unable to work. A friend of mine suggested that I contact a compensation company and that's when I came across YouClaim on the internet. I gave them a call and they said I was eligible to make a claim. That very week, I had a solicitor working on my case.

My solicitor handled every aspect of the claim against the driver's insurers and all I really needed to do was visit an independent medical expert who could confirm the injuries I sustained in the crash. The case ended fairly quickly after the driver accepted liability for the accident and within no time at all my solicitor secured me £7,200 which included £4,500 for my injuries and £2,700 for loss of income."

Have you also been injured in an accident?

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