Case Study: Motorcyclist Knocked Off Bike by a Car

After a motorbike accident, making a claim can help crash victims gain the help and support they need to rehabilitate after a serious collision.

One of our clients, a builder, was left unable to work following an accident. He was able to claim £250,000 from the driver responsible for the crash.

The 34-year-old was left in a wheelchair and had to have metal plates inserted into both his feet following a collision with a Ford Mondeo while he was driving his Suzuki motorbike in Canvey Island. The driver of the Mondeo was later convicted of careless driving after it was deemed that he was not paying proper attention at the time of the crash.

The crash occurred when the rider was heading towards Benfleet in heavy traffic and was struck by the Ford Mondeo as he tried to turn right into Castle Point Golf Club. A driver coming the other way was unable to brake in time and ran over both the rider's feet as he was sent sprawling across the road.

According to the writ, which was made available to the public, the Mondeo driver "negligently failed to check his mirrors before starting to turn right, failed to signal, failed to see the motorcycle, failed to keep a proper lookout, failed to maintain full and continuous concentration and failed to avoid the collision".

The motorcyclist had to spend two months in a wheelchair, still suffers from severe pain and had been unable to go back to work following the accident. He made a compensation claim for the loss of earnings he has suffered as well as the pain and suffering the crash inflicted on him.

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