Case Study: 6 Months off Work After Being Knocked off Motorcycle

Compensation: £28,500

Tom contacted us when he suffered a serious injury in a motorbike accident. With the help of YouClaim, he secured compensation and was able to repay his mortgage for the months he was unable to work. Here is his story.

The accident

It was a day like any other for the 35-year-old father of three who worked in Liverpool as a recruitment consultant. After spending a day in the office he said goodbye to his work colleagues, jumped on his motorbike and headed home for tea.

However, just five minutes down the road, another man in his 30s was also making his way home for dinner and was about to pull out of a T-junction. There was a car approaching from his right which was indicating that it was about to turn into the road he was exiting. The man thought he had a quick chance to dash across the busy traffic but hadn't noticed Tom was on his motorcycle behind the indicating car.

The male driver of the car looked right at the oncoming car, looked left and started to move forward to the central reservation; it was at this point that Tom crashed into the side of the vehicle at 30mph.

He was flung from his bike and thrown 10 feet down the road. Knocked unconscious for a short time, Tom was taken to hospital by ambulance where doctors confirmed that he had sustained a broken leg, broken arm and severe bruising to his ribs; fortunately his head had been largely protected by his motorcycle helmet.

After spending one month in hospital, Tom was told that he would need to spend at least six months at home recovering from the accident. He was unable to work and was being supported by his wife's single income so he decided to look on the internet for a solicitor who would be able to help him make a no win, no fee claim. He searched the internet and came across YouClaim; happy with what he read about the company, he decided to make a call.

In the end it turned out to be the most important call that he could have made. A solicitor took on his case and handled every aspect of the claim against the negligent driver of the car that day. All Tom had to do was visit a nearby independent medical expert who would be able to confirm the serious injuries that he sustained in the accident.

After several months, Tom's lawyer successfully secured a total of £28,500 including £18,500 for multiple injuries and £10,000 for loss of earnings.

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