Two Car Accident Case Studies

£1,900 compensation for neck pain following car accident

MS was involved in a road traffic accident. She suffered an inflammation of the varicose veins in her leg for a two week period. In addition she suffered from pain and stiffness in her neck and left shoulder, achieving a full recovery within a period of 5-6 months.

MS contacted You Claim and with our assistance successfully secured an out-of-court settlement in the sum of £1,900. 

£450,000 compensation awarded for road traffic accident 

MG was involved in a serious accident in his friend's vehicle. The claimant had taken intoxicants and had little recollection of the accident.

The defendant's team obtained expert evidence suggesting that MG had not been wearing a seatbelt and that he also had an inconsistent work record alongside a history of drug abuse.

On this basis the defendants offered £75,000, eventually increasing the offer to £125,000. YouClaim's solicitors recommended rejection of both offers - holding a firm line in negotiations. The claimant received regular interim payments and returned to work less than two years after the accident. Less than 3 years after the accident, the claimant settled the case for a total of £450,000, when the defendants were forced to abandon their arguments regarding the seatbelt and the claimant's work history.


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