Case Study - Traffic Light Accident

An example of the kind of service we are able to provide our clients can be seen in this case study of one of our clients, a 21-year-old woman who was injured in a car accident.

The Incident

Our client had been approaching a set of traffic lights when they turned red and she had to brake firmly. Unfortunately, the car behind her had been travelling too fast and too close. The driver failed to stop in time and hit our customer's car from behind at approximately 25 mph.

Her car was rammed forwards and hit one of the traffic light structures. Our client suffered a fractured leg and a whiplash injury in the accident and was taken straight to hospital. The fracture was found to be quite straightforward and did not need to be operated upon.

She came to YouClaim five months after her crash. Her leg had healed nicely but she was still suffering headaches and neck pain from the whiplash injury. She knew that she wanted to claim for compensation but was very worried about how much it would cost her to do so.

She decided that she would like to go ahead with the claim. We arranged for one of our solicitors, a specialist in road accident cases and whiplash injuries, to start researching her case that very day.

Liability was quickly admitted by our the defendant in the case, although it took a little longer for a settlement amount to be agreed. Three months after our client had first come to us, we were pleased to tell her that her opponent had offered £8,500 in compensation. She readily accepted the offer and soon received a cheque for the full amount.

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