Case Study - Passenger Claims against Careless Driver

Here at YouClaim, we speak to a huge number of people who have been hurt in non-fault accidents, especially from those who have travelled as passengers in another's vehicle. If you've been thinking about making a compensation claim, give YouClaim a call today.

When travelling as a passenger in somebody else's car, you put a great deal of trust into that driver. However, when they fail to drive responsibly and you're injured as a result, you can easily be left with devastating injuries that may have an adverse affect on your everyday lifestyle.

Making a claim is easy and in most cases we're able to help people successfully secure compensation, just as we helped 27-year-old Max win damages after he called us.

Max's story

"I use to work about 45 miles from home so it was easy to spend a fortune on petrol. One day myself and a colleague, who lived quite close to me, decided that it would be a good idea if we started car-sharing.

After a couple of months, things seemed to be going fine. My fuel bill was down but I have to say my nerves were a little raised. Although I felt quite safe being driven by other people, my colleague tended to take a few risks on the roads. Not only did he undertake other drivers, he often drove over the speed limit.

One day he went too far and started racing with another driver. They were both raising their fists at each other and speeding on the motorway. Eventually the other driver had to turn off at a junction. My colleague was so joyous that he wasn't concentrating on the road and lost control of the car, hitting the side barrier of the motorway.

The car accident left me in a bad way. I had severe whiplash and needed to take several months off work to recover. While sat at home I decided to contact a personal injury lawyer firm and see if I would be able to make a passenger injury compensation claim.

I phoned YouClaim after reading about them on the internet and was told by an advisor that my claim would be passed on to a solicitor who would handle every part of the case. 

In total, I received £6,800 in damages, which included compensation for my injury as well as loss of earnings."


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