Case study: woman makes successful claim against her husband after car accident

Remember that you can make a claim for compensation against someone who causes you injury if you are a passenger in their car, even if they are a friend or a relation. You should not be wary of pursuing the compensation that is rightfully yours and we can help you to make a stress-free  claim.

A family car accident

One of our previous cases involved a woman who sustained serious injuries when involved in a car accident caused by her husband. She got in touch with YouClaim as she wanted to find out whether it was possible to make a  claim for her injuries without it having a substantial financial impact on her husband.

She told us how her husband was driving them both home after visiting their son at university when the accident occurred. They had just turned onto a motorway and her husband accelerated to meet the pace of the other traffic.

They were travelling along happily for a while and she even remembers enjoying the scenery out of the window. But much of what happened next is a blur to her. She said that she remembers a sudden shunt, a pain shooting through her head and then nothing.

It seems that her husband was travelling too close to the car in front of him and when the traffic slowed and formed a queue her husband smashed into the back of the car in front. He swerved to try and avoid the car in front which sent his car careening towards the central reservation.

The car was stopped by the metal fencing of the central reservation but by this time the woman was already unconscious after sustaining a head injury in the first collision. This second impact went on to cause her serious chest injuries, including a collapsed lung and fractured ribs, a significant knee injury as well as bruising and lacerations to her face. Surprisingly, her husband escaped the accident with just a minor whiplash injury, and did not sustain serious personal injury.

While recuperating the woman spoke to a work colleague who advised that she could make a compensation claim for the injuries that she had sustained in the crash. But the woman was uncomfortable with this notion as she did not want to make a claim against her own husband and cost him money or give him a bad name.

On contacting us we explained that she could make a claim against her husband's insurance company for the injuries that she sustained in the accident. We explained that this wouldn't have any substantial financial implications for her husband as in the event that her claim was a success, her husband wouldn't be responsible for paying her compensation award out of his own pocket but this would instead be paid by his insurance company.

Our claim advisors also said that considering the severity of her injuries she should make a compensation claim for the pain and suffering she had experienced as well as the lost earnings and the money she had to pay out for medical treatment. We put her in touch with a leading personal injury solicitor that operates in her local area and he explained the claims process to her further.

In the end, the woman went ahead with her claim for injuries and was awarded £18,400 which went towards getting her life back on track.

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