Case study: car crash in France

Our client had been planning on staying in France with friends for two weeks.  On her second to last day they were travelling down a rural lane when her friend, who was driving, suddenly lost control of the car.  

Our client's right arm was badly broken in the accident and she needed to have metal plates inserted.  As well as her arm injuries, she also sustained a dislocated and badly damaged shoulder, which took many months to heal.  

When she returned to England, she decided that she wanted to make a claim against the friend that had been driving when the car crash happened.  There had been no other cars involved and she felt that he had been driving too fast on the minor road.  

She came to YouClaim and asked if we would be able to take on her case. We believed she had a strong claim and organised for one of our solicitors to start researching it immediately.  

Her friend, who was French, had made a claim on his insurance following the car accident and liability was quickly admitted by his insurers.  Our client was very pleased with the £19,400 in compensation that our solicitors were able to negotiate with the French insurance firm.  

Have you also been injured in a road accident abroad?

You can make an accident claim whether you were injured at home or abroad.  If another road user or company was responsible for your injuries, you could be entitled to claim.  YouClaim works with professional solicitors who have the experience and skills necessary to ensure your claim is a success.  

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