Case study - Accountant Claims for Injuries Suffered as a Passenger in a Company Car

We received a call from a 33-year-old woman from London who had been injured in a road accident whilst on her way to a work conference with several colleagues. The group of accountants were travelling as passengers in two company cars, which were being driven by other members of staff from the organisation.

The woman was travelling in the back seat of a vehicle when they started off on their journey to Brighton. During the journey, the driver of the car picked up his mobile phone and started to dial a number; the woman and her work friends asked him if he would pull over if he needed to make an important call but he insisted that it "would only take a minute".

While the driver was chatting on his mobile, a queue had started forming at a roundabout up ahead. The driver was distracted by making a call and didn't judge the situation properly; he braked at the very last minute and ploughed straight into the back of the car in front.

The female worker suffered severe whiplash as a result of the crash, worsened by there being no headrests in the back of the car. She was told by a doctor that she would need to take several months of work to recover, which meant that she would struggle to meet her mortgage payments as she would be without her normal income.

While sat at home with a neck brace on, she decided to look on the internet for a solicitor who would be able to help her make a claim. After reading through the useful information on YouClaim's website she decided to give them a call.

An advisor said that her claim would be eligible and from that moment on the case was handled by one of their specialist lawyers who had previously dealt with a huge number of similar cases. After several months, compensation was secured and the female accountant received £6,300, which included damages for her neck injury and loss of earnings.

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