Claiming for Faulty Pushchairs

Parents might think or hope that anything made for children would be thoroughly tested before arriving on the shop floor. Sometimes, however, companies fail to spot dangerous parts of their products which can cause children to suffer injuries and lead parents to make claims on their behalf.

Reports of pushchairs injuring children's fingers are cyclical. News stories die down but then a manufacturer may design something poorly and a huge product recall might follow.

Some parents unlucky enough to have their own child affected by the faulty product may then want to enlist the help of a lawyer to help them pursue compensation for the harm which has been done to their infant.

Pushchair compensation

When someone has a child they want the best for them, and as such may invest in an expensive pram which they think will be durable enough to extend to the use of a second child. Unfortunately, as with all products, sometimes pushchairs make it to the shopfloor when they are not fit for purpose.

When manufacturers fail in their duty to produce safe pushchairs, children can suffer injuries such as trapping their fingers in a pram's folding mechanism. Sometimes, these injuries can be severe and even include the loss of a digit. If your child is badly affected by a faulty pram, he or she could find that their learning of motor skills is inhibited. In such a case, you may wish to claim compensation for both your child's injuries and the associated costs. These costs can include the cost of buying a new pushchair, medical bills and travel expenses.

Making a claim

If your child has been injured because of a faulty pushchair and you would like to find an expert lawyer to assist you in making a claim, then YouClaim could help.

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