Case study: child trampoline accident

One of those we helped was a young father-of-one from Portsmouth who contacted us after his five-year-old son was hurt whilst playing on a trampoline in the garden. The trampoline was bought by the father from a popular toy shop as a birthday present for his son and, using the instructions, he put it together himself.

The little boy was hugely excited about his new gift and began to use it as soon as his father had finished building it. After only five minutes of use, however, the jumping mat ripped away from some of the springs, causing the boy to fall through it and crash to the ground.

He landed awkwardly on the grass, bending his leg horribly and snapping both the tibia and fibula bones. Not only did he seriously injure his leg but he also caught his head on one of the trampoline springs as he fell, leaving him with a nasty cut that later required 16 stitches.

Not surprisingly, the father was enormously distressed at seeing his son in such a state and claiming compensation was the last thing on his mind. Some days later, however, he went back to look at the broken trampoline to find out exactly what had caused the accident.

He was shocked to discover that the jumping mat had simply torn away from the springs because it was badly designed and not built of a strong enough material. Angry at this, he took the trampoline back to the shop where he had bought it and the manager reluctantly agreed that the toy was of a fundamentally bad design.

The father wrote to the manufacturers of the trampoline but after two weeks he hadn't received a reply and so decided to take the matter further. A friend had told him about YouClaim and so he decided to find out if we could help.

How we pursued the claim

He called our expert claims team and told them all about the terrible injuries his son had sustained and the circumstances surrounding them. We spoke to our solicitors and they agreed to take on the claim and sue the manufacturers of the trampoline.

The solicitors representing him went all out to prove that the trampoline was badly designed and specialist engineers and experts were called in to substantiate the case.

Aware of the impending case against them, the firm responsible for the manufacture of the trampoline decided to offer a settlement instead of going to court. The father thought the offer was reasonable, decided to accept and soon received a cheque through the post for just over £17,000.

The figure included a little less than £15,000 to compensate for the pain and trauma the boy had suffered as well as £2,500 to cover initial medical and travel expenses and the father's lost wages. 

The little boy made a full recovery from his injuries and was back at school in less than two months. The trampoline company also withdrew their product from sale and went back to the drawing board to design a product that was completely safe for children to use.

Has your child been hurt in an accident?

If your child has been hurt in an accident that was not their fault, you may be entitled to compensation. Manufacturers and providers of children’s party activities, such as inflatables, rides or games, have a responsibility to ensure children will be safe whilst having fun.

Making a claim allows you to get compensation for any expenses incurred after a child was hurt on a product bought or rented from a third party. If you think you might be entitled to compensation, call our team today on 0800 10 757 95 or contact us online.