Case study: 16-year-old suffers serious burns from faulty hair straighteners

Compensation - £22,450

The mother of a 16-year-old girl from Slough contacted us to make a claim after her daughter's hair straighteners malfunctioned and caused her significant burn injuries.

The young lady was preparing to go out to a Christmas party one evening when the accident occurred. She had put on her new dress, applied her make-up and began styling her hair with the straightening irons, which she had received as a birthday present during September of that year, when all of a sudden the irons sparked and burst into flames in her hands.

She dropped the straightening irons to the floor, which proceeded to leave burn marks on the carpet. Simultaneously, she called out to her mum who rushed in and carefully unplugged the straighteners, made her daughter comfortable and called for an ambulance.

Emotional and physical suffering

The girl's fringe was singed and she sustained severe burns to both her face and hands, which doctors said would take several years to disappear. She felt unable to face the crowds at college as she was ashamed of the scarring that she had suffered. Her mother was angered by the pain and suffering that her daughter had been succumbed to and was concerned that she was missing out on her education.

The mother arranged for her daughter's tutors to set her coursework that she could complete from home. A family friend also advised that she should make a claim to the manufacturers of the straightening irons through YouClaim and passed on our phone number.

On hearing the details of the accident, we accepted the case and suggested that the mother act as her daughter's Litigation Friend, as she was not yet 18-years-old.

Breach of safety laws

During the case, it was found that other complaints of injuries resulting from the same make of straightening irons had been made and further compensation claims had been pursued. Also, it was found that the manufacturers had breached safety laws put in place to protect the consumer. Specifically, there was a fault found in the design of the product and the company had failed to announce warnings or recall the product once complaints had been made.

The manufacturer admitted liability for the negligence that resulted in our client's injuries and the claim was successful. She was awarded a total of £22,450 by way of compensation for the burn injuries, damage to her hair, subsequent scarring, damage to her clothing and carpet, specialist medical treatment and time that her mother had to take off work

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