Hot Water Bottle Claims

If you have been injured by a faulty or defective hot water bottle, we can help you make a claim for compensation against the manufacturers or retailers responsible for your injuries. Our team of experienced solicitors is ready and waiting to take on your case and ensure it is successful.

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About hot water bottle injuries

Sustaining an injury as a result of using a faulty product can be an unpleasant experience. Defective hot water bottles can be very dangerous and if one you have purchased breaks, splits or leaks, it could cause serious burns and scalds.

Burns and scalds are the most common injuries caused by defective hot water bottles, and can cause a great deal of pain, distress and, in many cases, permanent scarring.

Who is responsible?

Faulty products can be sold to customers as a result of poor safety standards and substandard checks in the manufacturing process, as well as a lack of vigilance from retailers. Both manufacturers and retailers have a legal responsibility to ensure that customers are not put in danger by faulty products. When customers suffer avoidable injuries it is possible to make a claim for compensation from those responsible.

How YouClaim can help

We understand how devastating and upsetting it can be to sustain an injury from a product you expect to work properly, especially if you are left with permanent damage. Our sympathetic and professional solicitors have years of experience in settling cases of product liability by ensuring that sellers and manufacturers responsible for your injuries are held to account for the pain and distress they have caused you.

Compensation awarded can be used to cover the cost of medical treatment, rehabilitation and lost earnings, as well as the pain and suffering caused due to the negligence of a manufacturer. 

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