Car Defect Claims

If you have suffered an injury as a result of a defective or faulty car, you are entitled to make a claim for compensation. At YouClaim, we have many years’ experience finding those responsible for car defect accidents and making them pay for the pain and suffering caused.

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Claims for defects on new cars

When you buy a new car, you expect it to meet very high standards. A new car should include all the latest technology, be rigorously tested and be free from faults or defects. However, as many buyers discover, just because a car is new, there can be no guarantee that it will work without fault or complication. Some drivers of new cars may sometimes even find that they need to make a claim to compensate for the fault or defect.

A claim against one of the world’s biggest vehicle manufacturers can seem like a daunting prospect, however, consumers should not be dissuaded from making this kind of claim. The lawyers at YouClaim have years of experience representing clients with claims against a variety of companies, both large and small.

Claims for defects on second-hand cars

For older and second-hand vehicles, which may have had a number of owners and long records of maintenance and repairs, claiming compensation can be quite different.

Some owners only use approved service agents for their vehicle, keep to rigid service intervals and have repairs made using only officially-manufactured parts. However, they are a minority and most car-owners these days find it is too costly or impractical to keep to this regime.

Many non-branded parts are interchangeable between models of cars and, if bought from a reputable motor company or major retailer, are unlikely to be troublesome. Check that parts are compatible using a computer or handbook and they should be just as safe and practical as the brand-manufactured item.

However, some drivers can be tempted to look for second-hand, non-branded parts or to modify something which does not quite fit. In those circumstances, there is a much greater chance of a problem occurring later and possibly, the car going out of control or having a crash.

This can be particularly true of tyres, with so-called remoulds being particularly susceptible to weaknesses that may only become apparent when the car is in a critical situation such as heavy braking in wet weather.

If a do-it-yourself car repair results in an accident and injury to the driver, passengers or other road users, the question of fault may lie with those who fit the part. However, if they were unknowingly supplied with a defective part, then the supplier of that part will be liable for any subsequent claim for damages.

Occasionally, unscrupulous garage mechanics use defective replacement parts when making repairs either to save money or in order to get it finished quickly and the unsuspecting driver could be at risk of an accident if a component fails.

Examples of defects

Defective ignition

One example of a vehicle manufacturer defect that consumers would be able to make a claim for comes from 2001 when Ford accepted responsibility for the ignition in many of its models having a serious defect that caused it to break in hot conditions. This fault was responsible for 11 deaths and 31 injuries.

Ford consumers made a number of claims relating to this defect, for repair work and injuries. What all the claims had in common is that they centred on the issue of product liability in relation to the defective ignition.

Defective tyres

This is not the only time Ford has been in the spotlight. Also in 2001, the Firestone tyres on many of their vehicles came under scrutiny. Evidence had emerged linking these defective tyres with a number of fatal car accidents.

A number of angry consumers decided to make a class action suit against the tyre manufacturer. Eventually, after some denial of liability, Firestone accepted responsibility and paid up over $1 billion to affected customers.

How YouClaim can help

Road traffic accidents cause a huge amount of distress to all those involved, as well as possible injury and expense. All reasonable car owners and drivers try to avoid them by careful driving and by keeping their vehicles well maintained. Should one occur due to a mechanical failure then it may be wise to consult a solicitor specialising in product liability.

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