Defective Battery Claim

If you have suffered an injury as a result of a battery defect, you are entitled to claim compensation.

Our no win, no fee solicitors are experts in product liability claims, such as those arising from defective batteries. They have years of experience in successfully settling these sorts of claims, and will work to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. 

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Inbuilt battery malfunctions

Living in the 21st Century, we rely on batteries to power many of the devices we see as key to daily living - we have batteries in mobile phones, in tablets and in laptop computers. While problems with these kinds of batteries might be quite common and issues of product liability might arise as a result of a malfunction, these problems can usually be settled without a great deal of fuss, with either the seller or the manufacturer.

The kind of batteries found in electronic devices are usually inbuilt, powerful and need regular recharging from an electrical supply. It is when complications arise from a battery being recharged that people are at most risk of sustaining an injury.  

Vehicular battery malfunctions

Cars, boats, vans and trucks are powered by wet cell batteries, which generally contain a combination of lead and sulphuric acid, both of which can be very dangerous and can inflict severe injury on someone if they are exposed without the proper protection. Under certain circumstances, these batteries also have the potential to cause catastrophic explosions.

All manufacturers of these batteries have a duty to warn of their dangers and ensure that consumers are protected from their dangers.  If you are injured and a manufacturer has failed to take appropriate steps to protect you, you will be entitled to make a claim.  

Making a claim

Although safeguards are in place in many electrical devices and vehicles to prevent batteries from causing injury, accidents can still happen. If a battery has a manufacturing defect that causes an electrical fire or a dangerous explosion, and you have been injured as a result, you are well within your right to make a claim for compensation. 

Injuries arising as the result of a defective battery are, by their very nature, variable.  It is therefore important that you seek redress for the disruption that such injuries may have caused you.  Making a compensation claim enables you to do just that, and ensures that you are able to cover any costs you’ve experienced as a result of your injuries, as well as seek recompense for the pain and suffering they caused you.  

How YouClaim can help

Our solicitors have vast experience in product liability claims, meaning you can rest assured your claim is in the right hands and you are getting the right help to navigate you through this often complex area of personal injury law. We have helped many individuals who have been injured as a result of a faulty battery and have claimed compensation as a result.  

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