Case study: claim for a fractured elbow after fall at a sports event

Compensation: £7,000

A building defect in a local leisure centre caused Mr R to slip and fall while taking part in a sporting event, and he sustained a fractured and dislocated elbow as a result. He decided to make a claim for his injuries and searched the internet, where he found YouClaim.

We were able to put him in touch with JMW Solicitors, where Jason Harwood, Senior Associate, dealt with his case.

After a lengthy battle, where the leisure centre disputed responsibility for Mr R's accident, despite evidence to the contrary, Jason was able to secure an offer of £7,000 compensation.

Mr R was delighted with the offer and happily accepted it. He passed on the following words of praise:

"The fact that we rightly won, and I can now put the whole episode behind me, gives as much satisfaction as the money. I’m very pleased to have used YouClaim, and exceedingly pleased with being put in touch with JMW Solicitors.

"I felt that YouClaim were able to match me with exactly the right person to handle my case and succeed with it. Jason’s tenacity and hard work were of course instrumental in this regard. So once more, thank you." 

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