Football Injury Claims

If you’ve been injured while playing football and it was due to someone else’s negligence, you will be entitled to claim compensation.

The solicitors at YouClaim have helped hundreds of sportspeople make claims for injuries they have suffered as a result of a non-fault incident on the football pitch. We will make sure the claims process is as stress free as possible and ensure you get the right treatment and support for your injury.

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Common types of injuries

It’s not only the professionals who can be seriously affected by a football injury. Amateur players and even those simply having a kick about in a park can end up with serious injuries after being hurt during a game.

There are certain accidents that may be the fault of another player, management or officials, including:

  • Violent tackles
  • Inappropriate ground at a football pitch
  • Insufficient health and safety knowledge
  • Unsafe training equipment
  • Uneven pitch
  • Insufficient training
  • Reckless or violent behaviour

If your injury falls under one of these examples, or there was another cause that resulted in an accident, get in touch with our solicitors today to make a claim for compensation.

How YouClaim can help

All of our solicitors are experts in personal injury and medical law, meaning they have the expertise to provide free, honest advice on what to do next.

When it comes to fighting for compensation, we will work to get you the best outcome for your claim so you have the support you need during your recovery. As well as fighting for compensation, we seek improvements in health and safety to prevent future accidents so other players will not have to experience the same pain and distress.

Get started today

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