Quad Bike Accident Claims

If you have sustained an injury in a quad bike accident that was not your fault, contact YouClaim today to make a claim for compensation. The YouClaim team is highly experienced in personal injury law, so we can guide you through to a successful result with very little stress on you.

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About quad biking injuries

Quad biking can be an extremely enjoyable activity that provides a great thrill due to its speed and adventurous nature. However, as with any mode of transport, there are risks associated with riding on a quad bike. Designed for off-road use, quad bikes handle differently to motorbikes and cars, and have a tendency to overturn easily. They can reach speeds of up to 60mph and can cause injury in a number of ways:

  • By overturning and falling on top of riders
  • Becoming involved in an accident with road vehicles
  • Riders failing to wear protective clothing such as crash helmets
  • A rider coming off a bike and hitting the road
  • An extra rider unbalancing the vehicle, making it difficult to handle
  • Hazardous weather conditions creating dangerous driving conditions
  • Inexperienced riders taking unnecessary risks and colliding with other quad bikes or trees, rocks and other obstacles

Quad bikes are powerful pieces of machinery and accidents can occur even when all appropriate safety procedures have not been followed. In these cases, you are eligible to claim against those responsible for the injuries you have sustained.

How YouClaim can help

Contact the team at YouClaim today and we will investigate your claim to determine who is responsible for your injuries, helping you claim the compensation you deserve for the pain and suffering caused. Furthermore, we will look to recover any lost earnings, the cost of medical treatment and damage to any of your personal items, including your quad bike if applicable.

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