Sport-Related Claims

If you have been injured in a sporting accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to compensation. YouClaim offers a nationwide service of experienced lawyers, able to advise and represent claimants on all types of sport injury compensation claims.

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About sport-related injuries

All sports can cause injuries, but there are some more commonly associated with specific sports. Below is a list of popular sports and the risks associated with them:

Ball sports

Football, rugby, basketball

These sports usually involve some degree of physical interaction, which often results in injury to players.

Ice and winter sports

Ice skating, skiing and ice hockey

These sports involve hard surfaces, fast speeds and sharp blades that can cause significant injuries.

Outdoor and arena activities

Skateboarding, BMXing, trampolining

Large numbers of people and unsafe surroundings in sport and leisure venues can often lead to accidents.

Contact sports

Wrestling, boxing, MMA, martial arts

These events have both obvious and hidden dangers. As well as the risk of fighting injuries to participants, staff and spectators could receive an injury as a result of unsafe seating, staging and backstage areas, etc.

Fitness activities

Exercise classes, fitness groups and gym sessions

Classes, including yoga, bodypump and spinning, can result in injuries, such as muscle pulls or damaged ligaments. It is up to the person running the group to reduce the chances of an injury by providing sufficient training and inductions, working equipment and ensuring sessions are fully supervised. In gyms, accidents can happen by people leaving equipment, not paying attention to what they’re doing and gym machines and equipment that are not properly maintained. 

About spectator injuries

Injuries to spectators might be less common than accidents for those who are playing, but they’re not altogether unheard of. Owners and managers of stadiums, pitches and sports halls have a duty of care obligation in order to ensure the safety of those attending a match, game or training exercise.

Whether accidental, or as a direct result of negligence or assault, it’s important to seek damages for injuries sustained either as a spectator or participant of sport.

Who is responsible?

A number of people are responsible for your safety while taking part in or spectating sports:


If a professional coach or trainer is negligent by failing to provide correct instructions, not demonstrating an exercise properly or pushing a player beyond their capabilities, for example, the teacher could be held accountable for the injuries suffered as a result.

Officials and referees

Referees and umpires must exercise their best judgment, enforce the rules of the sport and be aware of all possible situations where an unnecessary injury could occur, otherwise they could find themselves liable for a breach of duty of care.


In a public setting, such as a leisure centre, activity hall or gym, where sporting or leisure activities have taken place, the management is responsible for ensuring all activity is safe and compliant with relevant rules. 


If a broken or defective product leads to an accident, the manufacturer of the equipment is liable for any injuries sustained unless a supplier bought or sold the products while knowing of a fault.

How YouClaim can help

Our team of personal injury solicitors has a great deal of experience in dealing with sport-related accidents. Any injury can cause great stress and worry, and we are dedicated to providing effective, easy-to-understand advice at this time.

Making a claim will help with any financial implications of being in an accident. For example, if you require time off work or extra care if the incident was serious. Compensation can also help to improve your health and safety by holding those responsible accountable for their carelessness.

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