Case study: claim of worker who fell on a wet floor, scalding her abdomen and groin

Compensation: £8,000


Miss C had her abdomen and groin burned after she slipped on an improperly cleaned floor at her workplace while carrying a tray of hot drinks. Although both the cleaning company and Miss C’s employers denied liability, YouClaim solicitor, Deborah Parkinson was able to secure an £8,000 settlement for the claimant.

The Accident

Miss C was carrying a tray of hot drinks when she slipped on a layer of water covering the corridor that had been left by her workplace’s cleaners. The slip caused her to land heavily on her back and the hot drinks tray landed in her lap, causing severe scalding and burn injuries to her abdomen and right groin area. She also suffered a soft tissue injury to her neck, shoulder and upper arm.

The Claim

Miss C decided to make a claim and used YouClaim to search for a suitable solicitor. YouClaim’s specialist advisors allocated JMW Solicitors to Miss C’s case. At first, a claim was brought against the cleaning company only. They strongly denied liability, insisting that ‘wet floor’ signs  had been in place and that they had witnesses who could confirm that the floor where Miss C slipped was dry. They also suggested that Miss C’s employers should be involved in the claim.

The Case

With the cleaning company denying that they were at fault, we decided to also issue a claim against Miss C’s employers. JMW and Miss C felt that the employers held partial responsibility for the accident and we were confident that they would be in possession of documents that could support Miss C’s version of events. 

At this point, both defendants denied liability, meaning that JMW had to work extra hard to prove Miss C’s case. We arranged for Miss C to be examined by medical experts in order to provide evidence relating to the extent of the injuries caused by the accident. Miss C saw a Plastic Surgeon to consult on her burns and an Accident and Emergency Consultant to report on the soft tissue injuries she had sustained to her neck, shoulder and upper arm. Meanwhile, JMW prepared a detailed witness statement from Miss C, to aid with her case.

The Plastic Surgeon found that Miss C’s burn scarring was not permanent, but had affected her lifestyle for roughly eighteen months. The Accident and Emergency Consultant found that the shoulder, neck and upper arm injuries she had sustained would take two-and-a-half to three years to recover from. He also suggested that Miss C had suffered some psychological effects from the accident. Subsequently, we also arranged for Miss C to visit a psychologist, who suggested Miss C was suffering with anxiety and proposed a course of psychotherapy.

Settling the case: compensation

Once this evidence was in place, alongside prepared documents outlining the particulars of Miss C’s claim and the monetary losses she had suffered as a result of the accident, JMW chose to issue court proceedings on behalf of Miss C.

After considering the matter and discussing it with their clients, Miss C’s employer and the cleaning company’s solicitors chose to make JMW an offer to settle the case out of court. Miss C's solicitor was able to get them to increase this offer, before discussing it with Miss C. Miss C was delighted with the £8,000 offer and decided to accept it and conclude the case.


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