Case study: claim for a trip on a paving slab

Compensation: £24,000

The claim

A 49-year-old woman from Berkshire tripped on a loose paving slab, sustaining a serious injury to her hip and contacted our advisors to enquire about making a claim.

Mrs H was taken to hospital after the fall and after a thorough examination, was diagnosed with a fracture to the hip that was likely to need a hip replacement. She underwent surgery but the hip replacement was found to be only partially successful and it was suspected that further surgery may be required. The woman had another operation performed and sustained even more pain and discomfort as a result.

The case

Meanwhile, her husband had re-visited the place where her tripping accident had occurred as he was suspicious to why his usually agile wife had taken such a tumble. On his return, he discovered that the area of pavement where she had tripped was severely uprooted and cracked. He also discovered, on talking to other local residents, that there had been several complaints made to the council about the state of the pavement but no action had yet been taken to repair the damage.

He then contacted the council to inform them of his wife's hip injury and found that they were neither helpful nor understanding and would not commit to when the pavement would be fixed. When he went to visit his wife after her second operation they discussed whether they should make a claim against the council for public liability, and agreed that it was the rightful and responsible thing to do.

Mrs H gave us a call straight away and told us about the circumstances surrounding her accident and how her husband had approached the council to no successful end. We agreed to take their case on.

Our solicitors provided the couple with top legal advice and built a strong case. Before long, the council admitted public liability and also admitted that their negligence in the repair of the pavement had been a direct cause of the woman's injuries. She was awarded £24,400 and the case did not even have to go to court.

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