Slip, Trip and Fall Claims

Slip, trip and falls can happen almost anywhere and to anyone. In most cases they cause nothing more than a slight knock, bump or bruise. However, in some cases, injuries can be far more severe.

If you have suffered an injury from a slip, trip or fall and believe it was caused by somebody else’s negligence, you will be eligible for compensation. Our solicitors can help you claim against the individual or company responsible for your injury, ensuring you receive the maximum amount of compensation available to you.

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Where injuries commonly occur

Slips, trips and falls are one of the most common types of accident. YouClaim has experience in representing a number of clients who have been injured after a slip, trip or fall in the various places, such as:

  • At work
  • On roads and pavements
  • Shops and supermarkets
  • Public places
  • On holiday

It is the responsibility of the individual or organisation in charge - whether that’s your employer, the local council, shopkeepers or tour operators - to care for your health and safety while on their premises.

Types of injury

While many people escape with minor injuries, such as cuts and bruises, others suffer from much more serious injuries, including:

  • Back and spinal injuries
  • Broken and dislocated bones
  • Head injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Sprains
  • Severe bruising
  • Torn ligaments

These types of injuries may not only keep you out of work, but they can also lead to lengthy periods of painful and often expensive medical treatment, which makes pursuing a claim for compensation much more attractive.

Common causes of slips, trips and falls

There are many ways a slip, trip or fall can occur, and some of the most frequent causes can be attributed to carelessness and a lack of safety signage. The most common causes we have seen include:

  • Falling down steps with a damaged or missing handrail
  • Spillages of liquid or food
  • Newly mopped floors without appropriate signage
  • Obstructions left blocking walkways
  • Wet, snowy and icy weather conditions
  • Falling from heights without guardrails
  • Poor lighting preventing easy navigation
  • Uneven flooring

Making a claim for compensation

For slip, trip or fall claims, there are a couple of things you can do to help your case. These include:

  • Photographing the scene of the accident, including anything that caused you to slip, and measurements of the defect that caused your trip
  • Taking photos of your injuries as they progress
  • Writing down the names and contact details of any witnesses to the accident

You may be asked to provide your damaged clothing as further evidence of your fall, so where possible retain the garments you were wearing at the time of the accident.

If the accident happened at work or in a public place, make sure you report it to a manager and ensure they write it in their accident book.

Can I make a claim for an accident abroad?

If you suffered a slip, trip or fall injury while in another country, our expert solicitors can help determine who is liable and help you make a claim against those responsible. For example, if you slipped in a hotel you booked as part of a package holiday, you may be able to make a claim against the tour operator with which you booked the trip.

How YouClaim can help

Our solicitors are here to provide free, honest advice on how to start your compensation claim, after which one of our specialist solicitors will act on your behalf to the best of their ability, getting you the maximum amount of compensation award possible. At every stage of a claim, we will keep you up to date with developments and we encourage you to contact our team with any questions or queries - no matter how big or small.

We understand that suffering a slip, trip or fall can have physical and psychological repercussions and we want to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Our lawyers are not only highly experienced, they are also friendly, professional and guaranteed to treat your case with the utmost attention.

How we have helped others

At YouClaim, we let our good work speak for itself through our case studies. Take a look at the case studies below to get an understanding of just what we can do for you.

Secured £6,100 compensation for a back injury caused at work

MK slipped down wet steps at work after cleaners had mopped them and failed to put up the correct warning signs. He landed hard on his lower back, aggravating an existing back complaint.

He contacted YouClaim and our solicitors assisted him in making a claim against both his employer and the cleaning contractors.

MK was very pleased with the £6,100 compensation he received.

Secured £3,486.01 compensation for slipping on a wet floor

SF fractured the base of her fifth metatarsal when she slipped on a wet floor at work. She contacted YouClaim and our team helped her to secure an out-of-court settlement for £2,700.

We also recovered her loss of earnings in full, which was a sum of £786.01.

SF made a full recovery from the back injury and remained employed by the same company after the case was settled.

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