Paralysis Compensation Claims

Paralysis can have a profound and permanent effect on the individual involved. When a third party is responsible for causing the injury, it may be necessary to launch a claim to ensure you receive full compensation for essential matters such as specialist equipment and care, adapted living, lost earnings and associated expenses.

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What causes paralysis?

The spine and spinal cord are stable components of the body and perform vital functions in both providing physical support to the torso and ensuring communication between the brain and the body.

A road accident, workplace accident or fall from height can result in sudden and traumatic impact, permanently interrupting the flow of information to areas in your body.

The type of paralysis you contract depends on where on the body you are injured. Tetraplegia usually occurs higher up the neck and is considered the most severe form as sufferers may lose all residual function of the body. Paraplegia occurs when an injury to the spinal cord leads to loss of leg function.

Non-traumatic causes of paralysis include diseases such as:

  • Polio
  • Congenital conditions
  • Muscular dystrophy

How will YouClaim help?

Paralysis injury claims require the services of a specialist personal injury solicitor who has experience in high-value cases, the skills and disposition required to make home and hospital visits, and an understanding of the wider care issues that apply to the case.

Any kind of paralysis injury is catastrophic and often has a major impact on a sufferer’s life, leading to permanent life changes and psychological hardship. A range of factors determine the size of a settlement, including:

  • Age
  • Life expectancy
  • Lost earnings
  • Medical and equipment expenses

Typically, amounts awarded range from mid to high six-figure sums, with the most high value cases receiving seven-figure settlements. A final settlement should always take into account the likely bill for any future losses.

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