Amputation Claims

An amputation injury, however small, can have a serious impact on a victim's day-to-day life and work. If someone sustains this type of injury in a non-fault or part-fault accident, they may be able to make an amputation claim.

Whether an accident victim loses the tip of a finger or a whole limb, they are likely to find that they have to re-learn various skills potentially taken for granted previously.

For example, although someone without the tip of one or more of their digits will have no difficulty walking or running and is also likely to be able to participate in a range of sports – activities such as holding a pen, typing or playing a musical instrument may be significantly more difficult.

The number of problems encountered by people who have suffered an amputation injury depends very much on the type of life they led prior to the incident. A taxi driver with a missing digit will still be able to drive, but a trumpet player might find that they can no longer play their instrument.

Someone who was already wheelchair dependent before losing part of their leg in an accident might not suffer many extra difficulties day-to-day, but a nurse, sportsperson, or anyone else who has to use their legs to undertake their jobs or hobbies could have to give up work or pastimes.


The quality of prosthetics available to individuals who have been unfortunate enough to lose a digit or limb is improving, and many high-tech prosthetics are available which a patient can move just as they would have moved their amputated limb.

By picking up electrical signals from muscles in the part of the limb which is still present a mechanical prosthetic can carry out the movements necessary for an amputee to walk again, pick up objects, or simply play with their child.

Unfortunately, these types of prosthetics can be very expensive, and not everyone will be able to afford these life-changing pieces of technology without financial help.

Making a claim

If you have suffered an amputation injury and would like to make a compensation claim for your pain, lost earnings or medical bills, or pay for specialist equipment such as a high tech prosthetic, YouClaim could help.

We could find an expert personal injury solicitor to represent you and help you receive the compensation you deserve. Our panel solicitors have years of experience and have dealt with many amputation and terminalisation claims.

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