Case study: slip on leaking water in the supermarket

The below story shows how we were able to help one of our customers, a 57-year-old woman from Norwich, to get compensation for a slipping accident in a supermarket.

The incident

Our customer was helping her 83-year-old mother to do her shopping in a well-known supermarket when she was injured in an accident.

She had been walking down an aisle of the supermarket that had freezer cabinets on both sides. One of the cabinets had broken and water had leaked all over the floor and when our customer went to walk past it, she slipped and fell.

The extent of the injury suffered

When she recovered from the shock of her fall, she found that her ankle was extremely painful and that she could not walk on it. An ambulance was called to take her and her mother to hospital, where she underwent an X-ray. Our customer was diagnosed with a fractured ankle.

While her leg was in plaster, she wondered about making a claim against the supermarket as it had not put up any notices about the leaking water nor had it dealt with her complaint to her satisfaction. However, she was unsure because she did not really understand the process or how much it would cost her.

The decision to take action against the supermarket

She found YouClaim online and decided to give us a call. After she told us her situation, we informed her that it was likely her claim would be successful. She chose to go ahead. She was delighted when, just under five months after contacting us, our solicitors contacted her to inform her that the supermarket had made an offer of £3,000. She accepted the settlement immediately and received the cheque through the post in a matter of days.

Have you also been injured in a supermarket?

If you have suffered an injury in an accident that was not your fault, we may well be able to help you. We strive to make claiming compensation as straightforward as possible so that you can concentrate on recovering from your injury and rebuilding your life.


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