Case study: broken hip following a slip on a grape in a supermarket

Compensation: £8,600

The claim

We took a call from a 42-year-old Middlesbrough woman who had slipped on a stray grape whilst visiting her local supermarket. Here's how she successfully secured compensation.

Maria's story

"On the day of the accident I got to the store about 10am. As I was walking over the fruit section I stepped on a squashed grape, causing me to slip and land on my hip. A member of staff came over to offer me help but I just couldn't get up. In the end they called and ambulance and I was taken to hospital where I had a scan on my pelvis and hip."

"The doctors discovered that I had a broken my hip and that I would need to take several months off work to recover. After being discharged from hospital I was at home for a couple of weeks before my daughter recommended I seek help from a lawyer. She searched the internet for me looking for firms and came across YouClaim."

"I phoned them up straight away and spoke to them about my accident. They were confident that I had a claim and passed my details on to an experienced solicitor. My solicitor handled every aspect of the case; all I had to do was visit an independent medical expert who would confirm my hip injury."

Settling the claim

After several months of negations between my solicitor and the supermarket, an out of court settlement was made, especially as the supermarket didn't want its name to be publicised negatively. In total, I received £8,600, which included £5,000 for my hip injury and £3,600 for loss of earnings.

I'm very glad that my daughter found YouClaim's website. They made a very traumatic time a great deal easier for me. I would definitely recommend them to anybody thinking of making a claim.


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