Case Study: Woman Fractures Her Wrist After Slip in a Nightclub

Compensation: £4,497.22



Our client fractured her wrist after she slipped on a wet floor during a night out with friends. Litigation executive, Alistair Ward, took on the client’s case against the nightclub and though they denied knowledge of or any records relating to the incident, Alistair was able to obtain his client compensation of £4,497.22


The Accident:

Ms W was at a nightclub with her partner and friends in Kings Lynn. She went to the upstairs bar to buy a drink and soon after slipped in a large pool of liquid, landing on her right arm. Ms W was in great pain and visited a nearby static medical service with her partner immediately. There she was advised to visit hospital so she and her partner went to A&E where it was found that Ms W had fractured her wrist. She later visited the hospital again to have a cast put on her arm and subsequently had to take time off work and rely on her partner to carry out basic daily activities such as getting dressed.


The Claim:

Ms W decided that she would like to pursue a claim against the nightclub. She had lost earnings as a result of missing work after the incident and she felt that the nightclub had been at fault. We took on Ms W’s case and litigation executive, Alistair Ward was assigned to manage her claim. Alistair sent a letter of claim to the nightclub’s insurer and requested any documentation relating to the incident. He also requested access to Ms W’s medical records, including those from the hospital on the night of the incident.


The Case:

The nightclub replied to Alistair and denied having any records relating to the incident. As they stated that they had no knowledge of the incident having occurred, the defendants stated that they required evidence that the slip had happened on their premises. Following this, Alistair took witness statements from Ms W, as well as her partner and the friends who she had been with on the night of the incident. Alistair also arranged for Ms W to see a medical expert who subsequently confirmed that Ms W’s injuries were consistent with the slip that she had described.


Alistair compiled a schedule of losses for Ms W that took into account lost earnings, travel costs (for transportation to and from hospital) and care and assistance that was provided for Ms W by her partner. This schedule and the expert’s medical report were sent to the defendants who had still not indicated that they accepted the accident had occurred.


Settling the Case: Compensation

With the medical expert’s notes and hospital records to support Ms W’s claim, the defendant could see that the case may well go to court. In order to avoid the extra expenses and time that this would entail, the defendants made Ms W an offer of compensation. After careful consideration, Ms W was happy to accept the defendants’ offer and was awarded damages of £4,497.22.


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