Case Study: Woman Hit By Falling Tiles from Scaffolding

Our client was walking her normal route to work, which took her past some houses that had scaffolding up against them. As she was approaching the scaffolding, a builder accidentally dropped a box that contained a stack of tiles.

Some of the tiles fell out, one of which struck the lady on the head, causing her to fall unconscious for a brief period. She felt dizzy when she came around and the tile had left a severe cut on her forehead so she was taken to hospital immediately.

The falling tiles caused a serious injury

The wound required 10 stitches and she was diagnosed with concussion, which left her with slightly blurred vision, dizziness and headaches for around six months. The cut on her forehead healed well but still left a quite long, noticeable scar.

During this time her symptoms meant she often had to take time off work and she missed out on a considerable amount of pay. This prompted her to make a claim against the building firm that was responsible for her head injury.

Making a claim to cover loss of earnings

She found YouClaim's website and telephoned for more information about our service.

She decided to go ahead with the claim and nine months later was pleased to hear that our solicitors had negotiated a settlement of £9,500. 

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