Dog Bite Compensation Claims

If you or your child have been bitten by a dog because of somebody else’s negligence, you are entitled to make a claim for compensation. At YouClaim, we have dealt with many cases involving dogs and other animals and have the experience to handle situations effectively and sensitively. We will help you get the compensation you need to improve the quality of your life after your injuries.

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About dog bite claims

Dog attacks are, sadly, not rare and small children are often the victims. We have helped with claims made for random attacks from a stranger’s dog, as well as claims against friends and family members.

Reasons a dog bite may happen include children being left alone with dogs, new and unknown dogs coming into your home, and spending time with a dog that has been known to behave aggressively. The onus falls on the dog owner to control their pet, and if they fail to do so and you are bitten, you will be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

Dogs and the law

The 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act has always focused on banning dangerous breeds of dogs to minimise the risk of attacks on the general public. The legislation also covers attacks that take place on private property; for example, in homes and gardens.

New legislation calls on tougher sentencing for the owners of vicious dogs to encourage positive treatment of animals. The aim is to reduce the number of attacks, the majority of which have been committed by breeds that are legally allowed and have taken place on private property. The guidelines of the new laws demonstrate this concentration on controlling all breeds and encouraging positive care and behaviour. The new guidelines aim to prevent:

  • Improper care for a dog
  • Using a dog as a weapon of intimidation
  • Goading, or allowing the goading of a dog
  • Ignoring of warnings or concerns expressed by others
  • Individuals being responsible for a dog without proper training

It is also against the law for a dog to attack an assistance dog, such as a guide dog.

Who is responsible?

It is a dog owner’s responsibility to take reasonable steps to prevent a dog from attacking someone. For example, they may have let the dog run loose around the neighbourhood or may have left a dog, which was known to be aggressive, unsupervised with a child. Of course, these are only two examples and there will be many more circumstances in which a dog attack might have been caused or contributed to by negligence.

The government has issued advice and guidance to dog owners that is designed as a preventative measure. This includes taking steps such as ensuring that gardens are well-secured so that dogs are not able to wander out and remembering to keep dogs apart from unknown visitors, such as postmen.

How YouClaim can help

We have experience in working with previous victims of dog attacks, helping them to make dog bite compensation claims. They have often needed to adapt to life after their injuries, take time from work to recover and cope with the physical trauma caused.

If you think you have grounds to make a claim, we can provide professional advice on taking the first steps. We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent, personal service to every client no matter how big your claim and no matter how long it will take.

Case Study: Injuries to Hands Following Dog Attack - Compensation: £7,000

The claim

73-year-old Mr S was walking through a local park in his home city of Manchester when he was attacked by an Alsation. The dog pulled the leash out of its owner's hand and leapt at Mr S, biting him on his hands. Paramedics were called and it was found that Mr S had suffered two broken fingers and serious soft tissue damage to his right hand.

The case

Mr S decided to make a claim against the dog's owner and was recommended to YouClaim. The particular solicitor who pursued the claim on the Mr S’s behalf had extensive experience of dealing with similar incidents and had previously helped a number of dog attack victims win compensation. His broad understanding of this area of the law played an enormous part in the success of the case and seven months later we were happy to forward Mr S a cheque for £7,000 of compensation.

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