Industrial Disease Compensation Claims

If you have contracted an illness or disease as a result of your working environment, you are legally entitled to claim compensation for your pain, suffering and financial losses that the illness has caused you.

These types of cases require an experienced and knowledgeable solicitor who understands the issues and complexities surrounding your illness. YouClaim has successfully sought millions of pounds of compensation on behalf of clients who have found themselves in the same circumstances as you, and we can help you to secure the compensation that is rightfully yours.  

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Common industrial diseases

For some people, the workplace presents many hazards. Some may be obvious, such as dangerous machinery or chemicals, while others are less apparent, such as asbestos, vibrating or noisy equipment. Exposure to any of these hazards may lead to an individual developing an industrial disease or illness.

We have experience in successfully claiming on behalf of many clients who have suffered from an industrial disease or illness, including victims of:

Employers have a duty of care to their staff and customers to prevent any illnesses or accidents in the workplace. A failure to meet this duty of care that results in the development of a disease or illness means a claim for compensation can be made against that employer. 

How YouClaim can help

A compensation award can help you considerably, should you find yourself in the position of having sustained an industrial disease. Many industrial diseases are long-term or permanent conditions, and not only affect you, but may have an impact on your family.

Compensation will not only ensure your pain and suffering are recognised, it will also account for lost earnings, can support you if you are out of work, and can help purchase medical equipment, and attend specialist appointments and rehabilitation programmes, along with any other financial outgoings you may be subject to as a result of your illness. 

Our highly skilled and experienced industrial disease solicitors will work with integrity and tact to secure you an appropriate financial settlement and help you to get your life back on track after the initial impact of your illness or disease.   

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