Claims for Legionnaire’s Disease

Legionnaire’s disease is a serious illness that can cause a range of respiratory complications, including pneumonia. It is a condition that can be caught anywhere that uses a water supply, including at work, on holiday or while visiting certain premises.

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What is legionnaire’s disease?

Legionnaire’s disease is a potentially fatal form of lung infection caused by legionella bacteria. These germs are common throughout natural water supplies, yet outbreaks usually occur when bacteria manages to enter man-made structures, breed and then disperse in water vapour.

Although the condition is not contagious, an individual may contact legionnaire’s disease by inhaling contaminated droplets of water.

How you can become ill

Legionella bacteria can be found in a property’s water source and is a legitimate risk in buildings that:

  • Recirculate or store water
  • Store liquid at a temperature between 20 and 45 degrees Celsius
  • House potential nutrients for the bacteria, such as sludge and other organic matter
  • Have the potential to create or spread breathable droplets of water

Although bacteria may develop in any water system, the most common forms of these organisms build up in cooling towers, spa pools and in temperate water systems.

More frequently, legionnaire’s disease is contracted at large hotels and holiday resorts in an outbreak or as a one-off case due to unique circumstances in a boiler, bathroom or water-associated device.  

The symptoms

Symptoms usually begin with an initial phase that lasts one to two days, in which you experience flu-like symptoms, such as mild headaches and muscle pain. This is followed by more severe symptoms, including:

  • High temperature (fever)
  • Severe muscle pain
  • Chills
  • Tiredness

Once bacteria begins to infect the lungs, you may begin to experience a persistent cough, shortness of breath, chest pains and other symptoms of pneumonia. Some people also experience problems with the digestive system and may feel sick, vomit and suffer with diarrhoea and loss of appetite.

If you start to develop these symptoms, you should immediately seek treatment from a qualified medical professional. While legionnaires' disease may be fatal, it can be treated. A doctor will usually prescribe antibiotics for up to several weeks to kill the bacteria. If you have a pre-existing ailment, you may receive further treatment in hospital. 

How to prevent legionnaire’s disease

Those in charge of premises with a water system that might pose a legionella hazard must undertake reasonable measure to prevent an outbreak. This includes:

  • Preventing or controlling the release of water dispersal
  • Keeping water at a temperature that does not encourage bacteria growth
  • Preventing water from stagnating
  • Ensuring the system is clean and free of potential nutrients
  • Treating water with legionella-killing chemicals

If an owner fails to meet these requirements and you contract legionnaire’s disease as a result, you are entitled to make a claim for compensation.

How YouClaim can help

Being told you or a loved one have legionnaire’s disease through no fault of your own can be incredibly distressing and making a claim may well be the last thing on your mind. However, compensation can assist your recovery by helping with any expenses incurred as a result of your illness, such as loss of earnings, or help to pay for the best medical treatment available.

Our team has years of experience in helping sufferers of legionnaire’s disease make successful claims with as little stress as possible. This is because we believe you should focus your time on getting better.

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