Case study: woman suffers burns after allergic reaction to hair dye

Mrs I pursued a claim with us after a reaction to hair dye left her with burns to her scalp and back of her neck. Solicitor, Raana Afsarpour took on Mrs I’s claim against the hair salon that had applied the dye. The salon accepted liability and Mrs I received compensation of £4,531.70.


The Accident:

Mrs I visited a hair salon in order to have her hair dyed. She had previously attended the same salon in order to have a patch test and at this time had suffered no reaction. However, when the stylist applied dye to Mrs I’s head during her second appointment, after just a few minutes Mrs I started feeling a burning sensation on her head. The stylist had failed to apply a base cream and subsequently the dye ran onto Mrs I’s forehead and neck area, burning her. 


The Claim:

After Mrs I complained of burning, the stylist washed Mrs I’s hair, gave her a partial refund and offered to re-dye Mrs I’s hair again at no extra charge. Mrs I did not feel that this was suitable compensation; she was unhappy with the service and she was injured. Mrs I had reacted badly to the dye, suffering  second degree burns to her head with blisters on her neck and residual pain on both her scalp and the back of her neck. Solicitor, Raana Afsarpour took on Mrs I’s case and consequently contacted the salon to begin the claim.


The Case:

Raana sent a letter of claim to the salon outlining Mrs I’s injuries and the details of what had occurred. The salon accepted liability for the injury and it was then for Raana to provide evidence of the extent of Mrs I’s injuries. Raana arranged for Mrs I to see a medical expert who could both assess Mrs I’s injuries and make a prognosis for her recovery.

After the medical appointment, the expert confirmed that Mrs I had suffered a deep partial thickness burn to scalp and neck and predicted that she could expect a full recovery the following spring.


Settling the Case: Compensation

With the medical report obtained, Raana contacted the defendant to make a settlement offer that was based on the injury and the travel costs incurred by Mrs I. The defendant responded with a slightly lower offer for compensation. After consulting with Raana, Mrs I decided to accept this offer as she was keen to finalise the claim. Mrs I received compensation of £4,531.70.

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