Case study: claim of woman injured in swimming pool on holiday

The case:

Our client and her boyfriend had just arrived at the hotel resort and planned to try out the swimming pool for the first time. They dived in and, although her boyfriend was unhurt, the woman struck her head on the bottom of the pool.

She was pulled from the water unconscious and an ambulance was called whilst the lifeguard on duty tried to help her. Once at hospital, she regained consciousness but was diagnosed with a spinal cord injury that meant she might not be able to walk again.

She was transported back to the UK and taken to a unit that specialised in back injuries. Luckily, her injury proved not to be permanent and slowly healed after many months of gentle exercise and strength training.

She came to YouClaim several months after her accident because she believed she was due compensation. She felt she could claim because the depth markers on the pool were in some places missing and in others badly obscured.

Our solicitors accepted her case and were able to help her make a claim against the tour operator that had arranged her package holiday. After investigating the circumstances of her accident and gathering evidence of her medical condition, the tour operator admitted 75% liability.

Our client agreed to this and the claim was settled for a total of £22,200. The figure included compensation for the injury, loss of earnings and extra care she'd required during her recovery.


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