Case study: accident on a skiing holiday

One claim that we have accepted is that of a customer who was on a package holiday that involved skiing. Our customer is a novice skier and was on the mountainside with a group of other skiers and a qualified ski instructor, who was booked as part of the package holiday.

Poor weather and darkness caused the group to become stuck on the mountainside and the ski instructor told the group to ski off-piste down the slopes, instead of radioing for help. As a novice skier, our customer was not adequately skilled for this and sustained a serious injury after colliding with a tree.

She later found out that weather warnings had been issued and the ski parties on the slopes had been advised to leave immediately. Unfortunately, her instructor did not heed the warning which could have prevented both her skiing accident and her subsequent injury.

The organisers of the package holiday deny responsibility for the injury on the basis that the weather was an Act of God and as such, out of their control. Our solicitors have been engaged to gather evidence to prove that, rather than the weather, the poor decision of the ski instructor was to blame for our customer's accident rather than the weather.


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