Two boating accident case studies

Boat strikes a rock

Our client was on a boat trip that was arranged as part of his package holiday to Portugal. It was piloted by a man from a local boating company and our client was surprised to see that he was drinking wine along with the rest of the tourists.

As they were nearing some caves, the destination of the boat trip, the boat struck a rock. Our client lost his balance because of the impact and hit his head, sustaining a fractured skull and concussion.

Our client decided he wanted to make a claim as he believed the man's drinking alcohol had caused the accident. He came to YouClaim and our solicitors agreed to help him on a no win, no fee basis and began researching his case. After 11 months, we were able to secure an award of £8,445 for injury compensation, treatment and rehabilitation costs, in an out of Court settlement

Dream cruise to Egypt shattered

A young couple were honeymooning in the popular Cypriot tourist destination of Pathos when their accident occurred. They arrived at their hotel and attended a meeting with their holiday rep who told them about the various excursions that the travel company offered to holidaymakers as extras.

One trip consisted of a two-day cruise to Egypt, located just 200 miles across the water in Africa. The couple had always wanted to visit another continent and decided they would take advantage of the wonderful opportunity and book a trip. So, they put their names down and paid their money to the rep.

A few days later it was the morning of their excursion to ancient Egypt. They had been at sea a few hours when the wind began to blow hard and the waters became rough in a freak squall. The vessel, although quite large, began to rock violently from side to side. The newly-weds, who were on deck enjoying an evening meal, were asked to go inside by a crew member.

On their way back to their cabin, the young woman slipped on the slippery spray-coated deck. She reached out for the handrail which was also wet and landed heavily on her back. Her husband tried to help her up and take her inside to safety but she was in too much pain to assist him.

After the young man called for help and another man came to help him lift his wife off the deck, but the newly- wed, who was bearing the majority of his wife's weight, also lost his footing on the slippery deck and lurched forwards, hitting his head on a metal pipe.

By this time, the crew had been alerted about the accident and came to help the young couple. They were deeply concerned about their injuries and shipped the couple back to Cyprus to get medical treatment.

Doctors told the young woman that she had suffered a soft tissue back injury as well as substantial bruising and that she should rest, avoiding any strenuous activity that may aggravate her injury, such as walking and bending. Her husband, on the other hand, was diagnosed with a minor head injury and warned that he may suffer headaches, dizziness and blurred vision for a few days.

They were deeply disappointed at the terrible holiday they had experienced as a result of their painful injuries and contacted us to see if they would be entitled to claim compensation. We were able to give them some straightforward legal advice and help them understand what would be involved in making a claim. 

They decided that, through us, they would seek compensation from the tour operator who arranged their trip from Cyprus to Egypt on the grounds that there was not adequate slip resistant flooring or banisters on the boat. Soon they were awarded a total of £6,250 in damages.

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